New York City Residence - Nazak Savitt Design of New York, NY

  • who we are
  • open eyes, open ears, charming,
  • mostly, disarming, simple, serious, smiling, playful people who pay attention
  • what we do
  • we communicate ideas, signage, interiors, image, construction
  • we tolerate, ventilate, venerate, inebriate, invigorate, illuminate
  • what we like
  • large windows, open views, sidewalks, cities, flowers, sun, life, sincerity, sobriety, colors, blacks, white, grays
  • why us
  • because our door is open, because East and West make a good mix,
  • because we listen we hear we answer
  • what matters
  • humour and tears, discipline and daring, remembering and forgetting
  • folly, passion, loyalty, beauty, chocolate, lightness, children ...

call nazak savitt design of new york, ny at 917.687.6381 + email


dream first & think after